Name Activity: Spell Your Name Scavenger Hunt

This name activity is so much fun. My son asked me to play it over and over again. Kids will learn to spell their name while going on a name scavenger hunt!

Name Activity: Spell Your Name Scavenger Hunt

We do lots of activities and Evan enjoys many of them, but this one was a huge hit. He kept asking me to do it again. I finally told him we had to stop because it was past lunch time and Alyssa was ready to eat.

It is so simple and easy to play this game. You can play it in a few minutes and it really takes no preparation at all.

What you Need to go on a Name Spelling Scavenger Hunt

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Alphabet magnets (affiliate) – These have one uppercase letter set and three sets of lowercase letters. You may need more than one set or a more comprehensive set like this one if your child has a name that repeats letters.

Magnetic board (optional) – you can just lay them out on the floor or a table too. A Magna Doodle (affiliate) would work too!

How to Play the Spell Your Name Scavenger Hunt

Have your child close their eyes while you hide the letters needed to spell their name. I kept our scavenger hunt confined to one room this time, but next time we play I will hide them over the entire downstairs area of our house.

Looking for letter magnets around the room

Once you have them all hidden, invite your child to go on a scavenger hunt to find them all. If you have a magnet board, then can run over and place the letters on the board when they find them. If not, they can just place them on a table or the floor.

Placing magnet letters on the magnet board

When all of the letters have been found, your child should unscramble the letters and put them in order to spell their name.

Going on a scavenger hunt to find alphabet magnets that will spell name

As Evan was looking for the letters there was a lot of talk about which letter he found or what sound that letter makes. It was a great opportunity to talk about the letters in his name and they sounds they make.

Unscramble letters of name and spell name on the whiteboard

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