Homeschool Printables for Kindergarten

These homeschool printables for kindergarten will help make learning fun for your kids! You will find hundreds of free printable activities here.

Homeschool Kindergarten Printables

Kindergarten Homeschool Printables

As a former school teacher and now a current homeschool parent, I know how hard it can be to find quality resources that are simple to use, but engaging for the kids. It is even more difficult to find those resources at a low cost. That is why we created hundreds of free printables and digital resources for teachers and homeschool parents!

Below we listed some of our absolute favorite printables for Kindergarten. We also featured some of our most popular printables by category and even created a printable index page that will help you search for the printables you need fast.

Our Favorite Printables for Kindergarten

Alphabet letter formation cards for learning to write letters. A fun handwriting activity for kids.
Free printable number formation math and handwriting activity for kids.
Word search CVC worksheets for kids to learn to read and write CVC words.
Free printable number matching clip cards for kids to build number sense in preschool and kindergarten.
Pencil alphabet puzzles for your back to school theme at the beginning of the school year.

These free homeschool printables will help you incorporate fun and learning into your lesson plans.

They all have interactive, hands-on components that will excite and engage the kids.

Plus, you will save time searching for resources and prepping activities with hundreds right here on Fun Learning for Kids. Most of the printables we share are also low-prep and easy to utilize with the kids. Tons of them require almost no prep at all!

Search by Category

Are you looking for a specific type of printable? These Alphabet, Phonics, CVC, Number Sense and Addition pages will help you find the printables you are looking for!

Alphabet Printables Feature

Alphabet Printables

Here is a list of our best alphabet printables! These printables are a fun and hands on way to teach the alphabet. Kids will learn:

  • letter sounds
  • letter identification
  • letter formation
  • beginning sounds isolation
  • and more!
Phonics activities for kids who are learning to read.

Phonics Printables

Are your students working hard on their phonics skills? These hands-on phonics printables and games are a blast for kids!

There are so many phonics skills that students must master as they become more confident, fluent readers. We rounded up all of our phonics activities and put them in one place for you.

CVC words activities and games.

CVC Words

Make learning to read a fun, hands-on experience with these CVC printables.

Whether you are working on decoding CVC words, spelling CVC words, or writing CVC words, we have got you covered.

We will update it with all of our new CVC activities as they are published so be sure to bookmark it!

Number Sense

Here is a list of our favorite number sense printables! They are all hands-on and engaging ways to teach number sense. Kids will learn:

  • Number recognition
  • Counting
  • One to one correspondence
  • Composing and decomposing numbers (part-part-whole)
  • Comparing numbers/sets
  • Counting on and back
  • Number formation
  • and more!
Addition activities and addition games for kids to learn to add numbers.

Addition Printables

These addition (and some subtraction too) printable activities make learning to add so much fun because they all provide hands-on addition practice that your kids will enjoy.

With math activities and addition games that utilize fun manipulatives, you are sure to find resources your kids will enjoy here!

These free homeschool printables for kindergarten make it super easy to plan fun and hands-on learning experiences for your kids.

They are interactive activities with fun themes that will excite the kids. You will find tons of seasonal themes like apples, pumpkins, gingerbread, snowmen, flowers, rainbows, ocean and much more! There are plenty of year round themes like farm, dinosaurs, space and superheroes as well. Plus, lots of theme-free resources for use all year long!

Easily find Homeschool Activities with our Printable Index

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to find printable activities, check out our Printable Index!

I hope your kids have lots of fun learning with these free homeschool printables for kindergarten! We think they will be a great addition to your lesson plans this year!