Learning ABCs with an Alphabet Hunt in the Water Sprinkler

Preschoolers love learning ABCs with an alphabet hunt. This summer alphabet activity takes place outside in the water sprinkler! A fun way to move and learn!

Teach ABCs with an alphabet hunt in a water sprinkler!

This week the PLAYful Preschool theme is water! The team is excited to bring you fun, summer water play activities that are sure to be a hit with your kids. Check out all of the posts below.

My son absolutely loves learning outside and when water is added to the mix, he is one excited boy! Over the last few weeks, he learned numbers with water balloons, went on an alphabet hunt with a water spray bottle, ran through an alphabet obstacle course that included water and watered alphabet flowers!

This week we continued to learn letters while playing in the water. This time we used our brand new water sprinkler. Evan had so much fun!

Supplies Needed:

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I bought a foam lowercase letter puzzle from the Dollar Tree and use those letters. You can also use bath letters.

Set Up the Water Alphabet Hunt

Put your sprinkler in the yard and then place letters on the ground all around the sprinkler. That’s it!

Throw letters all over the ground around a water sprinkler

Learning ABCs in the Water Sprinkler

Call out a letter and have your child search around in the water sprinkler to find it.

I turned on the sprinkler and then I called out a letter. Evan went running into the sprinkler and searched around the ground for the letter I called. He ducked and jumped over the water spray until he found the letter he was searching for. Then he grabbed it and ran it over to me.

A fun and exciting summer alphabet activity!

He had a blast! He told me this was one of the best activities we ever did. He even asked if we could do it again another day. Of course, we will!

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