Math Facts Activity with Paper Cups

This math activity uses paper cups to teach kids math facts in a fun, hands-on way. It is crazy easy to set up and an effective way to learn math!

Math facts activity with paper cups. A simple way for kids to learn math facts.

Recently, we did this fun math facts activity with a cardboard box and my son really enjoyed it. It inspired me to come up with a few more fun and engaging ways to practice addition and subtraction.

Math Facts Activity with Paper Cups

That’s where this paper cup addition math activity comes in. It is super easy to set up and my son was happy to do it. I love that I can change-up the problems very easily as well. I even made a printable that you can use to set this up even faster!

Math facts activity with paper cups. A free printable mat makes it even easier to do.

It is actually a fantastic way to differentiate for kids at various levels of ability too. You can make a mat with simple addition problems, more difficult addition problems and even subtraction problems. This would also work well for multiplication and division too.

It’s just another way to make learning math facts more engaging and hands-on!

Teach math facts in a fun, hands-on way.

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Addition and subtraction math facts activity that would be perfect for math centers.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Write a math problem in every circle on the mat.
  2. Write the answer to each problem on the bottom of a paper cup.

That is it! It’s so simple and easy!

Try making several mats at once. Then you can just pull one or two out at any given time for the kids to work on.

Printable math facts activity that is both hands-on and fun!

Addition and subtraction math facts activity for first grade and up.

If you teach in the classroom, you could make a bunch ahead of time and then rotate them for a math center. Just make sure you have enough cups for each kid at the center. You can also differentiate them for different levels and groups of students.

Stay tuned because I came up with lots of other ways to use these mats and paper cups!

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