Preschool Art Activity: Washable Painting on a Shower Curtain

The other day, my kids a fantastic time painting on a shower curtain with soap paint. This messy preschool art activity is perfect for summer! It’s even washable, so you can do it again and again.

Painting on a shower curtain is a fun summer art activity for preschoolers!

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and get messy. Put the kids in their swim suits, make a mess and then just hose them down afterward. Playing in the hose is all part of the fun!

I spotted our dollar store shower curtain on the shelf the other day and thought it would make a great canvas for painting. We just got a few tubes of soap paint from the dollar spot at the store and I was looking for a new and exciting way to use them. This activity was just the ticket.

Supplies Needed:

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  • A plastic shower curtain
  • Soap paint or another washable paint (link included for reference, but you can find it much cheaper in store)
  • Paintbrushes

Lay the shower curtain out on the ground and set the paint and paintbrushes next to it. That’s it! The kids will do the rest.

Painting on a Shower Curtain

Let the kids go to town with the paint. Squeezing the soap paint out on the shower curtain is great fine motor exercise and painting with a paintbrush is as well.

Fine motor practice with an outdoor preschool art activity.

Use bathtub paint on a shower curtain and you have a fun sensory art experience for kids!

This even turns into a whole body painting experience. As kids bend over and stretch to reach other areas of the canvas, they are developing large motor skills. If they are like my children, they will probably run through the paint, stomp in it and even lay on it. Evan even bounced a ball in the paint.

Run threw paint and paint with your feet.

Bouncing balls in paint. A fun art experience for preschoolers!

My kids had a blast! They would probably do this every day if I let them and we had enough soap paint. Playing in the hose was also a highlight. This was the perfect activity for a hot summer day!

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