Summer Fun To-Do List for Preschoolers

We wanted to have lots of fun this summer and be purposeful about it, so we all sat down and came up with this summer fun to-do list for preschoolers!

Summer bucket list for preschoolers! Have lots of fun this summer!

The other day, Evan, my husband and I spent some time brainstorming things we could do to make the most of our summer. In the end, we came up with a great to-do list of summer activities for young kids.

Many of the items are free or very cheap. Others do cost more, but we like to budget for a few big events each summer. This year we are taking a trip to a lake beach a few hours away and going to an amusement park that is also a few hours away.

Our Preschool Summer Fun To-Do List

1. Play in the sprinkler

2. Go to the splash pad at our local park.

3. Go to the $1 movies at our local movie theater.

4. Do a bunch of random acts of kindness.

5. Take swim lessons at the YMCA.

6. Go to our favorite restaurant.

7. Go to an arcade.

8. Go to a beach.

9. Join a sports team.

10. Go to a water park.

11. Go to our local children’s museum.

12. Go swimming in a pool as much as possible.

13. Try out new parks in our area.

14. Have a picnic.

15. Go fishing at the lake.

16. Go to a local amusement park.

17. Learn to ride a bike.

18. Go strawberry picking.

19. Go to story time at the library.

20. Play outside a lot!

I hope this gives you some ideas for summer fun. What do you plan on doing this summer with your young kids? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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