30 Fun Shape Activities For Kids to Learn Shapes

We compiled this list of engaging shape activities for kids to save you time and make learning shapes fun! From low-prep printables to play-based learning, you will find a variety of shape activities that will excite kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Shape activities for kids in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten. Fun ways to learn shapes.

30 Fun Shape Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Learning shapes is an important math skill in preschool and kindergarten. Students will learn to name shapes, identify shapes as 2D and 3D, model shapes in the world, compose shapes and more. This list of shape activities is full of fun, engaging ways to teach these skills.

From shape hunts to art projects to puzzles, crafts, nature explorations and more, these activities are sure to add lots of fun and learning to your plans.

Find activities and ideas that will make learning shapes a fun, hands-on experience for the kids!

30 Fun Ideas for Teaching Shapes

2D Shape Clip Cards

1. This free 2D Shapes Clip Cards activity helps kids practice shape identification and builds fine motor skills.

Magazine Shape Hunt

2. With this Magazine Shape Hunt kids will learn shapes while also practicing cutting, gluing and sorting.

Shapes Collage

3. Learning Shapes with Rainbow WalksMake these shape rocks and add them to play for a fun, engaging way to explore shapes.

4. 2D Shapes Activity Digital Activity This is a fun, interactive google slides / seesaw activity for learning shapes!

5. Trace the Shapes Art Project Combine art with fine motor skills as your kids learn shapes!

6. Giant Shape SorterYour kids will have a blast learning shapes with this giant cardboard shape sorter.

Shapes Collage 2

7. Shape Bingo Kids love Bingo! They’ll learn shapes while having a blast.

8. Roll a Shape GameThis is a quick and fun printable game that will help your kids learn to identify shapes!

9. Shape Books for KidsLooking for some fantastic books about shapes for your kids? Here are 25 great books!

10. Transportation Shape Playdough Mats If your students or kids love vehicles and play dough this will be a fun way for them to learn shapes!

Shape Games and Shape Printables

Shape Collage 8

11. Chalk Shapes Jumping Game Your kids will love this fun way to learn shapes while playing outside. Draw some chalk shapes and get ready for gross motor fun!

12. Shape Play Dough Mats Combine math and sensory fun by adding these shape play dough mats to your centers.

13. Fruit Themed 2D Shape Matching Game This fruit themed shape matching game is a great way to practice recognizing and naming shapes.

14. Simple Shape Sorting Activity Grab some tape and create this fun and simple shape activity that the kids are going to love!

15. Shape Art Activity Explore shapes while creating a cool piece of process art at the same time.

16. 2D Shape Puzzles Add these shape puzzles to your math centers for a hands-on way to practice matching shapes.

17. Shape Monsters Collage Art Create shape monsters with fun collage materials to help kids learn shapes!

18. Amazing Square BubblesThese square bubbles are so cool. Invite the kids to build cool 3-dimensional bubble wands with this STEM project.

19. Block Painting Spark creativity and explore shapes with this unique process art shape activity.

20. Shape Match Sensory Bin Hide shapes in a shredded paper sensory bin and invite the kids to find and match shapes.

21. Math Game: Geometric Shapes This hands-on shape game is a great spatial awareness activity.

22. Feed the Hungry Shape Monsters This simple and fun game helps kids practice recognizing and sorting 2D shapes.

Fun Ideas for Learning Shapes

23. 2D Shape Puzzles Kids will practice building and sorting shapes when they use these cool shape puzzles.

24. Paper Plate Shapes Grab some paper plates and yarn so your kids can create this neat shape craft!

25. Shape Puzzles Freebie Go on a fun shape hunt to find each match needed to complete the puzzle.

26. Shape Scavenger Hunt Kids love scavenger hunts! Add this fun shape hunt to your plans for lots of fun and learning.

27. Nature Shapes Outdoor Activities Explore nature while learning about shapes.

28. Farm Theme Shape Activities These farm theme shape building mats are going to add lots of engaging shape exploration to your plans.

29. Sponge Stamped Triangle Collage Create art and explore triangles with this fun process art shape activity.

30. Sticky Shape Bugs Activity Making shape bugs on a sticky scene is a great way to develop fine motor skills while learning about shapes.

I hope this saves you lots of time planning fun, hands-on shape activities for the kids! With these engaging ideas, they will be learning shapes in no time.