Ball Popper Alphabet Game with Plastic Cups

This ball popper alphabet game is a great example of how you can use a favorite toy to teach your child. My son loves this ball popper, so I decided to find a way to use it to teach letter sounds!

Ball Popper Alphabet Game. Use this fun power popper to teach letter identification and letter sounds.

My son really enjoys it when I come up with learning activities that allow him to use some of his favorite toys. We’ve used Mega Bloks to teach various math concepts, Lego Duplo to teach counting and patterns and ping pong balls to teach letter sounds.

This time, I used the ball popper he just got. To say he enjoyed it, would be an understatement. He was really into this activity! He loved trying to aim the popper at the cups and knock them down. I am pretty sure he had no clue he was learning!

Materials Needed to Play the Ball Popper Alphabet Game

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Hog Wild Power Popper (affiliate)

Plastic Cups

Permanent Marker

How to Set up the Ball Popper Game

1. Write the letters you want to teach your child on the cups. One letter on each cup. I wrote uppercase on one side of the cup and lowercase on the other side of the cup.

2. Set the cups up on the table. Evan enjoyed it most when I put them near the edge of the table and he shot the balls from the other side of the table. This way the cups flew off the table when they were hit with a ball.

Place plastic cups with letters written on them across table in a row

How to Play the Ball Popper Alphabet Game

Have your child stand across the table from the cups. Call out a letter sound and have your child try to shoot the cup that corresponds to that letter sound.

Child should aim at the cups and shoot the ball at the cup the corresponds to the letter sound you call out

The ball should hit the letter cup that corresponds to the letter sound called out.

 If your child is just learning how to identify letters by their name, you can just call out the name of a letter and have your child hit the cup that letter on it. You could also show a lowercase letter card and have them hit the corresponding uppercase letter cup and vice versa.

This is most fun when the comes knock down and fall right off the table

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