Creative Storytelling with a PLAY-DOH Town

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Creative storytelling with the PLAY-DOH Town collection is so much fun! It inspired my kids to use their imagination and creativity to tell stories in a whole new way.

Storytelling with play dough. A fun literacy activity that builds fine motor skills and oral language skills.

The PLAY-DOH brand has been a childhood staple since 1956 and continues to engage the imaginations of children and adults to this day.

It is celebrating its 60th birthday by taking us all on a new adventure with their PLAY-DOH Town playsets and figures! The town-themed figures, playsets and vehicles will inspire creative storytelling and take imaginative play to new heights.

Play-Doh Town toys provide a fun way for kids to engage their imagination and creativity while participating in pretend play.

The figures and play sets are totally customizable so children are free to create their own unique towns and come up with their own creative stories. Maybe it is an ice cream party complete with an on-site ice cream truck, an emergency situation at the firehouse or a pet store animal fiasco. The possibilities are endless!

Children learn so much more when they are given the opportunity to use their imaginations to dream up stories and bring them to life by creating with their own two hands.

My kids love PLAY-DOH compound so when I heard about the PLAY-DOH Town collection, I just knew they would love it. And boy, was I right. They had a blast and continue to. The PLAY-DOH Town toys have been played with nearly every day since we got them!

Benefits of Playing with the PLAY-DOH Town Toys

There are so many benefits to playing with the PLAY-DOH Town toys. Here are just some of the skills children develop while engaging with these toys.

  • Storytelling – Children will engage their imagination and creativity while making up stories.
  • Fine motor skills – All of the toys are AMAZING for fine motor development. They require young children to really engage those small hand muscles needed to write and do a variety of other life skills.
  • Critical thinking skills – Children must think critically about how to make the toys work best.
  • Cooperative play – This is a big one! Children will learn to take turns, work together to make things, and create stories and scenes together.
  • Vocabulary – Play is a great way for children to build vocabulary and attach meaning to words.

Storytelling with PLAY-DOH Town Toys

As soon as we opened all of the packaging, we got to work setting everything up. This was quite simple and the instructions were very easy to follow.

Community helpers play dough activity
Using play dough toys to develop fine motor skills in preschoolers and toddlers.
Play-Doh Town Collection will engage your children in new and exciting ways!

My son immediately started playing with the firehouse. He loved all the different components and tools that are attached to the firehouse. There is a water cannon extruder that you can put PLAY-DOH compound in to create a water spray effect or you can squeeze a silly escape pole. There is even a fire stamper that can be used to make colorful flames.

Ice cream truck play dough activity that kids will love!

My daughter couldn’t get enough of the ice cream truck. She played with it for over an hour one day. Seriously. She loves putting PLAY-DOH compound in the top and then pressing the extruder down to squeeze the ice cream out into cones – just like a real ice cream machine! She also enjoyed making popsicles.

Pet store play dough activity
Pet store PLAY-DOH Town figure.

They both had a great time with the pet store and created all kinds of scenes with it. They loved that the bunny grew ears.

Pretend play with play dough toys kids love!

All of the characters from the different playsets were used for a wide variety of dramatic play scenarios. They had a store caught on fire, but the fireman, dog and police man came to the rescue. Afterward, they all had ice cream to cool down.

Each playset, vehicle and figure came with several different colors of PLAY-DOH compound, so there was room for a great deal of creativity in what to make and how to make it.

It has been over a week since my kids received these toys and although they have played with them a TON, they have not tired of them. I can tell that these will now be a staple of our PLAY-DOH play time from here on out.

Hands-on storytelling activity for young kids! A fun and engaging way to develop fine motor skills, inspire creativity, cooperative play and pretend play.

I just love that they allow my kids to expand on their play, develop fine motor skills and practice storytelling while engaging their imagination and creativity!

The 60th birthday celebrations will culminate on World PLAY-DOH Day on September 16. This would be a perfect day to grab a can of PLAY-DOH compound or a playset and have some fun!

Which PLAY-DOH Town toy is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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