Dot Sticker Name Recognition Activity

This dot sticker name recognition activity is a fun, hands-on way for preschoolers to learn their name while developing fine motor skills.

Use this dot sticker name recognition activity to teach preschoolers their name in a fun, hands-on way!

As you may know, we love using dot stickers for all kind of learning activities – like this dot sticker alphabet i-spy activity and this apple tree letter matching activity. Dot stickers are usually pretty easy to find and they are fairly inexpensive. Plus, they are perfect for adding fine motor practice to activities.

Hands-on name activity for preschoolers to learn their name.

One awesome thing about this name recognition activity is that it is super simple to set up. You can have it ready to go in a couple of minutes. Another thing I love about it is that preschoolers can do it independently.

Dot Sticker Name Recognition Activity

While doing this activity preschoolers will learn to recognize the letters in their name and the correct order of those letters. They will also develop fine motor skills while peeling and sticking the dot stickers.

Teaching names to preschoolers can be fun with this dot sticker name activity that also helps develop fine motor skills!

Preschool name recognition activity that also helps develop fine motor skills.

After doing this activity with my 4-year-old daughter, she was so much more aware of the letters in her name and surprisingly already could put some of the letters in the correct order. I consider that a success! Especially since she really enjoyed doing it.

Setting Up a Fun Name Recognition Activity

Name learning activity for preschool and pre-k. Supplies Needed:

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  1. Divide the page into columns for each letter of the name.
  2. Write one letter of the name on each dot sticker. Rotating through the letters several times. I think I did each letter like 7 times. Do what works for you.
Now it’s ready for your preschooler. I hope they enjoy this fun name recognition activity!

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