Family Names Alphabet Activity

This family names alphabet activity is a great way to practice letter recognition and learn to spell the names of family members. My son really enjoyed it!

Practice letter recognition while learning family names!

I love how simple and effective this letter learning activity is. It took me about a minute to set up, but occupied my son for quite a while. It can be done totally independently as well.

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Write the names of family members or friends on the work surface.
  2. Leave a pile of magnetic letters nearby.

Spelling Family Names Alphabet Activity

This could not be more simple. I showed Evan the names that I wrote on the board and then invited him to spell the names with his letter magnets.

A fun alphabet activity for family theme lesson plans.

For each letter, he had to search through the large pile of letters to find the one he needed. This alone was great practice with letter recognition.

Learning to spell names while practicing letter recognition.

He went through each name letter by letter and put the magnets in order to spell each name. He was quite proud of himself each time that he completed a name. He can even recognize a few of the names by sight now.

Learning to spell family names activity for preschool.

If doing this in a classroom, I think it would be great idea to add student names to the board and let them spell each other’s names with the magnets.

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