Number Sense Worksheets – Number Activity Worksheets

Grab this set of free printable number sense worksheets and give the kids a fun way to learn numbers, number formation, counting and more!

Number activity worksheets for learning numbers 0-20 in preschool and kindergarten.

Number Sense Worksheets

Learning numbers is very important, but it can be time consuming to find engaging resources for teaching them. These number activity worksheets are just the thing!

Students will learn number recognition, counting, number formation and build fine motor skills too!

Use them to teach numbers 0-20 in a fun way! Students will say the number name, decorate the number, trace the number, find the number and count out that many to color in a ten-frame or base-ten blocks.

With so many ways to engage with each number, these number sense worksheets are jam-packed with learning. Add them to your plans or centers in preschool or kindergarten.

Free printable number worksheets for learning numbers 0-20 and developing number sense in pre-k and kindergarten.

Low Prep Number Learning!

These number sense worksheets are super easy to prepare for your students! Just print and use! These fun number practice pages will be ready to use in no time.

You are going to save so much time planning lots of fun number learning for your students! Just put then in your number centers or writing centers, or send home for extra practice.

Numbers 0-20 worksheets for kids to learn number identification, number formation, counting and build number sense.

Setting Up the Number Worksheets

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Supplies Needed:

  • Number Worksheets (button to access the resource at the bottom of this post)
  • Markers, crayons, pencils, dot markers, etc.
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)


  1. Print the worksheets.
  2. Gather all of the supplies you would like students to use on the worksheets.
  3. The worksheets are now ready to use!
Free printable number sense worksheets for kids to practice number formation, number recognition and counting.

How to Use the Number Activity Worksheets

To begin, they will say the name of the number and then decorate it. They might color the number, draw designs on it or add drawings to it. Then they will trace the number using the number formation font. Next, they will trace the number with the dashed font.

Then they will find the number and color it, circle it or dot it. Finally, they will color in the ten-frame to match the numbers 0-9 or color in the base-ten blocks to match numbers 11-20.

As you can tell, these number worksheets are jam-packed with number learning opportunities! Students will build so many important number sense skills.

Teen numbers worksheets for learning numbers and building number sense.

Use these worksheets for:

  • Morning tubs
  • Math centers
  • Early finishers
  • Tutoring resource
  • Small group activity
  • At-home practice
  • Homeschool

These number worksheets are fun to use, easy to prep, and have so many educational benefits.

Don’t stress about teaching numbers to your students. Add these number worksheets to your plans to make learning numbers and a fun, hands-on experience!

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