Printable Ocean Animal Spin and Cover Pattern Block Mats

Get these free Ocean Animal Spin and Cover Pattern Block Mats so students can explore shapes, colors and spatial reasoning!

A pattern block mat with an octopus on it. A fun ocean theme shapes activity where students use pattern blocks make ocean theme objects and then count how many of each type of block there is in that design.

Ocean Animal Spin and Cover Pattern Block Mats

Students will love these ocean-themed pattern block mats! They are a fun and engaging resource for students to practice shape identification, colors, counting, and spatial reasoning. These are all important skills to master in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

The ocean animals pattern block mats are easy to use, and students can complete them independently or in small groups. The students will spin the spinner and add the corresponding pattern block to the picture. They will continue until they have completed the ocean animal. Then, they will count and graph the number of pattern blocks they used.

This free download comes with 16 mats, 8 in color and 8 in black and white. This way, you can choose the best way to print to fit your needs.

A printable ocean theme pattern block mat for your math centers.

Super Simple Prep!

This learning activity is so simple to prep and will take you just a few minutes to have a fun and engaging math resource for your little learners!

Simply print and laminate or slide the mats into wipe and write pockets. Gather the other materials, and you are ready to go!

Printable ocean theme pattern block mats for your ocean theme lesson plans in preschool and kindergarten.

Setting Up the Ocean Animal Spin and Cover Pattern Block Mats

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Supplies Needed:

  • Ocean Animal Spin and Cover Mats (button to get the printable is at the bottom of this post)
  • Write and wipe pockets (optional)
  • Pattern Blocks – we like to use the magnetic version on top of a small cookie sheet or personal magnetic whiteboard
  • Transparent spinners – or use a paperclip and spin it around a dull pencil tip or attach to a brad.
  • writing utensils – dry erase markers if you are laminating or using wipe and write pockets


  1. Print the mats in color or black and white
  2. Slide the mats into write and wipe pockets OR laminate them.
  3. Gather pattern blocks and supplies for spinners and writing utensils
  4. Store the entire activity in a colorful tray or large zipper baggie.
A fun ocean math activity for learning about and exploring shapes. Make the ocean theme object by covering each shape with a pattern block and then count how many of each shape there is.

How to Play

Students will spin the spinner and find the corresponding pattern block piece. Then, they will place it on the picture of the sea creature.

They will continue to spin and place pattern blocks until the whole picture is completed.

Lastly, they will count the number of each pattern block they used and fill in the graph.

An ocean pattern block mat with a stingray on it.

Ways to Differentiate

I also decided to add a version that doesn’t show color within the design. This version is for students who need more of a challenge.

The version that shows all of the shapes within each design is perfect for kids in preschool, kindergarten ,or first grade. Or students who are confused by the more advanced version.

Students can also work independently or in pairs. The added support of a partner may be helpful for students who are struggling to do the pattern block activity independently.

This ocean pattern block mat has a fish on it. Plus a table to use to record how many of each pattern block is used in the design.

Your students will love these pattern block mats while they build their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and so many more important math skills! The ocean theme is fun for a summer lesson or something to use for an ocean lesson!

Click the button below to grab your free copy of the Ocean Animal Spin and Build Pattern Block Mats! Happy learning!

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