Free Printable Flower Number Matching Activity

My kids really enjoyed this flower number matching activity! It’s a hands-on and engaging spring math activity that helps children learn numbers!

This flowers number matching activity is perfect for spring! A fun spring theme math activity for your math center!

It’s almost spring so I am planning lots of fun learning activities with flowers, butterflies, bugs and more. I love this time of year! A while back my kids really enjoyed this flower number line game, so I decided to start my spring planning with another fun flower themed math activity.

This winter I came across these super cute number matching snowmen and I immediately thought to myself that it would be really neat to make a flower version for my kids this spring. Flower petals just lend themselves perfectly to this kind of activity.

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A spring math activity with flowers.

I made them for the numbers 1-20 so that my almost 6 year old could work on the higher numbers and I would have the lower numbers ready for my 3.5 year old daughter when she is ready for that.

This also makes it very easy for you to use with children of varying levels of ability.

Flower number matching activity that's great for preschool or kindergarten. A fun way to learn numbers this spring!

Flower Number Matching

My kids really loved these flowers. Right off the bat they are so colorful and eye catching. And being able to build a flower was appealing to them.

A flower math activity for preschool.

When I set this up for my sons I make sure to use at least two flowers of each color. Otherwise, he will just match the colors instead of paying attention to the numbers on each petal.

At this point my daughter just likes to make flowers out of the pieces. So although she can’t match up the numbers yet, she can still explore numbers and develop fine motor skills while simply playing with the flowers.

Spring Math Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Print the flowers on cardstock for durability.
  2. If you want, you can cut the pieces apart, laminate and then cut apart again for the most durability.

The flower number matching activity is now ready for your kids to enjoy!

Spring theme math activity for kids.

Set this up in your math center in your classroom or do this with your kids at home. Either way it sure to be an engaging way to learn numbers this spring!

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I hope you and the kids enjoy a fun spring season!

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