Snowman Count the Room Free Printable Math Activity

Have fun this winter with a free snowman count the room math activity! Engage students in counting, number identification, & so much more!

A free snowman count the room math activity for winter math centers.

Snowman Count the Room Math Activity

Your pre-k and kindergarten students will love this winter math counting activity! It is so great because it encourages students to practice counting, number identification, one-to-one correspondence, and writing numbers! Students will also work on fine motor skills while pointing and counting the small snowballs.

Students will look around the room to find the snowman math cards. Then, they will count the number of snowballs around the snowman. Lastly, they will find the corresponding number on the recording sheet. Then, they will write the number on the line.

This write the room activity comes with snowman number cards 0-20 and 4 recording sheets. The first two recording sheets show the child the numbers, while the third and fourth ones do not. There is a recording sheet for numbers 1-10 and then another for 11-20.

A fun winter math activity to learn counting, number recognition and number recognition.

Simple Prep

These snowy counting mats are so simple to prepare, and you won’t waste all your valuable prep time creating them!

Print, cut the snowglobe cards apart and store everything in a bag for later use. Copy the correct number of recording sheets you need, and you are ready to go.

The resource has two different recording sheets for the different levels of learners in your classroom. This is the perfect addition to your math centers, small groups, or whole class math activities.

The snowglobe cards could be printed in black and white or color to fit your printing needs.

Hands-on winter snowman counting activity for preschool and kindergarten.

Setting Up the Count the Room Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  • Snowman Count the Room Activity (button to get this resource at the bottom of this post)
  • scissors
  • Clipboards for walking around


  1. Print the snowman number cards.
  2. Cut the number cards apart
  3. Laminate for durability.
  4. Decide which worksheet option you want your students to complete (traceable or blank) and print it.
  5. Store everything in a large bag or storage container.
Number formation recording sheet for snowman count the room math activity.

Playing the Snowman Count the Room Activity

The snowman activity is so simple to use and will make learning to count more fun! To begin, you will need to hide the number cards around the classroom.

Then, the students will move around the room with their clipboard, pencil, and worksheet, finding the number cards. Once they find a card, they will count the snowballs in the snowglobe. Then, they will find the corresponding snowglobe on the worksheet and trace or write the correct number. They will continue this math activity until they see all the number cards.

Free winter snowman count the room math activity for math centers.

Multiple Uses in the Classroom

This freebie will make a great center activity for the winter season! It could be used for a small group of students that are working on this math skill, early finishers, a tutoring group, or a whole class activity.

For struggling students, you could hide the number cards that they know and leave out certain ones. Some students may be ready to work on all 20 numbers, while others may only be ready to work on 1-10. We have also provided you with two worksheets to help you differentiate! One has numbers to trace, and one is blank.

There is room to write each number more than once. This gives you the option to decide how many times you want your students to write the numbers on the lines. For more advanced students, you could have them write the number word on the line to practice their spelling skills.

I hope your students enjoy this snowman count the room activity and that it becomes a favorite of yours! Your students will get to practice counting and writing numbers, and you get to spend some one-on-one time with students for extra help.

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