Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Caterpillars with Bottle Caps

These uppercase and lowercase letter matching caterpillars are a hands-on way to learn letters. You can even use them to learn numbers, shapes and more!

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Caterpillars. Use this free printable to learn letters, shapes, colors, sight words and more!

I made these cheerful caterpillars to engage Evan with a fun learning activity that would help him practice identifying uppercase and lowercase letters. I even laminated them so we could reuse them in a variety of different ways.

You can even use them to practice matching numbers, sight words,  shapes and even colors.

I made the caterpillars two ways. One is solid colors and one has a white circle in the middle of each part of the caterpillar. I added the white option in the event that you would like one with more contrast. It makes it easier to see the letter on the caterpillar. However, Evan had no problems using the caterpillars with solid colors.

Materials Needed to Make the Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Caterpillars

The caterpillar printable – Solid Caterpillars and Caterpillars with Blank Spaces

Bottle caps from empty water bottles

Permanent marker

Laminator (optional)

Dry-erase marker (optional)

Prep Needed to Play the Caterpillar Activity

1. Print the caterpillar printable of your choice.

2. Cut the caterpillars apart.

3. If you want to laminate them, now is the time. If you don’t, write a letter on each circle on the caterpillar. I wrote uppercase letters because I would prefer to use lowercase letters on my bottle caps.

4. Use your permanent marker to write a letter on each bottle cap.

5. If you laminated your caterpillar cards, you should now write letters on them with a dry-erase marker.

How to Play with the Caterpillar Letter Matching Cards

Have your child match the bottle caps to each circle on the caterpillar’s body. Evan had trouble sorting through all 26 letters to find the ones he needed, so I took all the letters we were working on out and just had him sort through those. This prevented him from getting overly frustrated with the activity.

Search through bottle cap letters and match to the letter matching caterpillar

Match bottle caps with letters on them to letters on the caterpillar printable.

As he was matching up the letters, I made sure to include discussion about what sound each letter makes.

Match lowercase bottle cap letters to uppercase letters on the caterpillar printable cards.

I plan to use these to work on other skills very soon!

Use these caterpillar printables to teach letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sight words and more!

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