Alphabet Sensory Bag

An alphabet sensory bag is a hands-on way to learn the alphabet while engaging the senses. It is incredibly simple to make and can be played with for a long time and utilized in lots of ways.

This alphabet sensory bag is such a neat, hands-on way to teach kids the alphabet! I also love that older children can use it to spell sight words or spelling words! It's an awesome activity for a literacy center or alphabet center.

I am continuing to find lots of ways to use one activity with two kids of different ages and abilities. My son recently turned five and my daughter is almost three. Whenever we do an activity, they both like to be involved. So I am left with the challenge of planning things they will both enjoy and benefit from.

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This alphabet sensory bag was super easy to adapt and use with both kids. Plus, it is crazy easy to set up!

Setting Up the Sensory Alphabet Activity

Supplies Needed:

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  • Alphabet beads (I LOVE these!)
  • Cheap, clear hair gel
  • Gallon size freezer bag
  1. I squirted about 8 oz of clear hair gel in the freezer bag.
  2. Then I added a bunch of alphabet beads to the bag. I made sure to add the letters for the kids’ names and letters needed to make sight words and CVC words that I have been working on with my son.
  3. I sealed the bag and used clear packing tape to reinforce the top and make sure the kids weren’t able to open the bag. I haven’t had any problems with leaking, but many people like to tape all of the edges as well.

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Alphabet Sensory Bag

At first, I showed this to my (almost) three-year old and let her play with it. She enjoyed squishing it and moving the letters around. This part was excellent fine motor practice for her. As she was playing with it, I talked about the letter names and sounds of the letters she was looking at or moving. She would often repeat the letters or sound after me.

A fun alphabet activity for toddlers to explore and engage with letters. This is such a great way to begin teaching letters to toddlers!
Preschoolers will love this fun way to learn letters! It's a great way to begin teaching letter recognition to young children.

This is all I do with her at this point. I just let her interact with letters and listen to me talk about them. I don’t quiz her or force say the letter names or sounds. She is taking note of letter names and sounds because occasionally she will say random letter names or sounds when she sees letters. I think that’s awesome!

Sight Word Sensory Bag

I then gave the bag to my five-year old and let him play around with it a bit. After a little while, I asked if he could find certain letters needed to spell sight words we are currently working on and then put them in order. He also spelled some CVC words.

Kindergarten alphabet sensory activity that is sure to engage kids! A fun way to learn the alphabet!
Kids will develop fine motor skills while learning the alphabet and engaging the sense of touch.

While moving the letters around in the bag to form words, he was really using those fine motor muscles in his hands. So this is perfect for kids who need that extra fine motor practice.

Spelling sight words and spelling words with a fun sensory bag!

I love that it was able to span a wide range of abilities and work on lots of different skills!

This alphabet sensory bag is such a neat, hands-on way to teach kids the alphabet! I also love that older children can use it to spell sight words!

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