Dump Truck Alphabet Rocks Activity

My son loves playing with dump trucks and rocks, so I came up with this dump truck alphabet rocks activity. It was great way for him to move and learn while playing with his favorite toys.

Learn letters with a dump truck and alphabet rocks! A fun alphabet activity!

When you combine dump trucks and sand, it is tons of fun, but adding rocks sends it over the top! It’s amazing how much fun one little boy can have with a bag of stones from the dollar store.

You can do this inside, but Evan had lots of fun doing this outside in his sandbox.

Materials Needed:

  • Dump truck
  • Rocks (You can buy a bag at Dollar Tree)
  • Permanent marker

Setting Up the Alphabet Activity

1. Write a letter on each rock with the permanent marker.

2. Put the rocks in a pile on the ground or in your sandbox.

Playing and Learning with Alphabet Rocks and a Dump Truck

I spread the rocks out all over the sandbox and even buried a few. Then I called out a letter and Evan looked for it. Once he found it, he put it in his dump truck, drove it across our patio and dumped it. He continued to do this for each letter I called out.

Write letters on rocks and add them to the sandbox. Then do this fun letter learning activity!

Drive the dump truck and rocks.

Practice letter identification and letter sounds with this move and learn alphabet activity!

It was a really simple and easy way to work on letter recognition with him. He really enjoyed running the rocks back and forth with his dump truck. It was great exercise and lots of fun!

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