Preschool Christmas Card Making Station

This preschool Christmas card making station is very simple to set up and an excellent open-ended invitation for young kids to make Christmas cards.

A Christmas card making station for preschoolers. A Christmas writing center that encourages pre-writing and fine motor development.

This Christmas I am looking for ways to get my kids involved in gift-giving and doing acts of kindness. Last week, I set up an ornament making station and they made ornaments for family all on their own. This week, I set up a Christmas card making station and let them make cards to go with them. It gives them creative freedom and helps them focus on the giving aspect of Christmas.

Supplies Needed: 

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  1. Put all of the supplies out on a table.
  2. Write several different phrases the kids would like to write on the cards. I asked my son to help me think of things he would like to say and then I wrote them on the board so he could copy them onto the cards. I ended up writing “Merry Christmas” and “I love you” and “Ho Ho Ho” because those are things he wanted to write in the cards.

Preschool Christmas Card Making Station

After my son helped me decide on which phrases to write on the white board, I let him and his sister go to town making cards. They loved that they were able to do whatever they wanted with the supplies!

A preschool Christmas writing activity. Early writing activity for young kids.

My son followed a certain routine with each card. He wrote Merry Christmas on the front and then traced a Christmas cookie cutter with crayon below it. On the inside right of the card, he wrote “I love you” and signed his name (in print, of course) and then decorated freely all around the inside.

A Christmas writing activity for young kids. Making Christmas cards for family.

My daughter (28 months) loved scribbling all over the paper with markers and put a TON of stickers all over the card. She did want me to write “Merry Christmas” inside for her.

I know their grandparents are going to love the cards! They are sure to be a great keepsake!

Preschool Christmas writing activity. A Christmas writing center.

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