Christmas Scissor Skills: Kid-Made Gift Tags

This Christmas scissor skills activity is a simple and effective way for kids to get cutting practice. The end result are cute kid-made gift tags!

Christmas scissor skills and cutting practice. A fun and simple Christmas craft. Kid-made gift tags.

My son really doesn’t like to cut things out. He isn’t all that great at it yet and often gets frustrated. So I have to be creative with the scissor skills activities I present to him.
This was great for him because it served a purpose behind just cutting things out. I told him he was going to make gift tags for the presents we are giving to family. This was highly motivational for him. He was very excited to make this kind of contribution to our gifts!
Supplies Needed:
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Christmas cookie cutters (or you could freehand them)
  • Black crayon

Trace the Christmas shapes onto the construction paper with the black crayon and you are good to go!

Christmas Scissor Skills Cutting Practice

There really isn’t much to this. I just gave my son the construction paper sheets with Christmas shapes on them. I told him he was going to make gift tags for the presents we were giving out.

Christmas cutting practice for preschool. Kid-made Christmas decorations.

He was very excited to begin with, but to be honest, he did eventually get a bit frustrated. This is typical for him. I just kept encouraging him and in some instances I helped him a bit. He did stick with it and cut most of the shapes out.

Christmas fine motor activity. A Christmas craft activity. Kid-made decorations.

In hindsight, I wish I would have kept the shapes a bit more simple. I would just do triangles for Christmas trees, the bells and the stocking. If your child is still struggling with scissor skills, I would recommend you do the same. The gingerbread man legs and arms were too frustrating and so was the skinny/curved candy cane.

Christmas scissor skills practice. Kid-made gift tags or decorations!

He still surprised me with his dedication and he made great progress with just this one activity!

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