LEGO Name Towers Activity for Preschoolers

This LEGO name towers activity makes learning names a hands-on experience that is both fun and engaging for preschoolers! It’s super simple to set up too!

This LEGO name activity is a fun, hands-on way for preschoolers to learn their name!

Do your kids love LEGO too? Mine can’t get enough. They play with LEGO pretty much every day. The bricks are all over the house, so it’s very easy to incorporate them into our learning too.

I really like to use LEGO bricks to teach my kids a wide variety of subjects. From symmetry to sight words to the alphabet, I’ve used LEGO to teach them all!

This activity is awesome because it is super easy to set up and it can be used over and over again for name practice.

Supplies Needed:

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  1. Use a chalk marker or dry-erase marker to write each letter of every child’s name on a few bricks. Aim for 4-7 bricks per letter.
  2. Use the longer flat pieces to hold the names or a LEGO baseplate.
  • The chalk markers I used wipe off quite easily with regular use, so if I was doing this in a classroom, I would use dry-erase markers. In my experience, dry-erase does not wipe off very easily once set. So I ended up having to use rubbing alcohol to remove it. I’ve also heard that you can use permanent marker and then go over it with dry-erase marker to remove it later. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you test it on a brick before doing all of them.

A preschool name activity that makes name learning fun!

LEGO Name Towers Activity

Put all of the loose bricks in a pile next to the base you will be using. If your child, is just beginning to learn their name, I would suggest making the name once with the bricks and then letting them use that as a guide for the rest of the towers.

Teaching kids their name is super fun when you use LEGO bricks!

Teaching kids to spell their name with LEGO.

If they are familiar with how to spell their name, you could let them try to make all of the towers on their own.

I love how easy it is to set up.  We will definitely be doing this one again!

A fun LEGO name activity for preschoolers!

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