Superhero Play Dough Activity

This superhero play dough activity was a huge hit with my preschooler! It really sparked his creativity and was great fine motor practice as well. He had tons of fun with it!

This superhero play dough activity is so much fun! It is a great way for kids to be creative, stretch their imagination, engage their senses and develop fine motor skills!

I took out the play dough to do another activity and after that one my son asked if he could add his small superhero figures to the play dough. It sounded like a great idea to me, so I told him to go for it!

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He totally loved this play dough activity. He played with it for an hour and the only reason he stopped was because it was nap time. It’s so simple to set up too!

Setting Up the Superhero Activity

Supplies Needed:

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All you have to do is put the supplies out on a tray and let your child’s imagination take over.

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Superhero Play Dough Activity

This activity is totally independent and a great thing to leave out for your kids when you need to cook dinner or get other stuff done. I bet you will be surprised by how engrossed they will get in the activity.

Superhero Play Dough Invitation-2

My son put the superheroes in balls of play dough and then dug them back out. This was awesome fine motor practice for him. And if you have been following my blog for a while you know that I struggle to get him to do fine motor work.

Superhero play dough sensory activity. A playful preschool activity!

A play dough activity that uses superheroes to engage preschoolers and encourage them to develop fine motor skills.

He put the superheroes in the play dough cup and buried them. He even made lava with the orange play dough and the superheroes had to watch out so it didn’t hit them. I thought that was quite creative. Hehe.

A fun fine motor activity that encourages children to play and be creative!

It was an awesome way for him to be creative, have fun and develop fine motor skills. I definitely will pull this one out again!

A fun super hero play dough activity that engages the senses and develops fine motor skills.

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