Learning Letters with a Rope Pulley Alphabet Activity

This rope pulley alphabet activity combines letter learning with a rope pulley and the result is so much fun! Kids will learn about a simple machine while learning letters.

Preschool alphabet activity with a rope pulley. A STEM activity and introduction to simple machines.

This week the PLAYful Preschool theme is rope. The team has planned a bunch of fun and playful learning activities that use rope. Make sure you check them all out below!

My son enjoys learning abc’s in a fun and active way. This rope pulley alphabet activity was perfect for him. I love that he explored an engineering concept at the same time. It makes me happy when I can integrate subjects and make the most of the time we spend learning.

Supplies Needed:

  • Rope
  • Bucket
  • Letters from a puzzle or magnetic letters

1. Hang the rope over something high up. I easily removed a swing from our swing set and did it there. You could also do this on your staircase if your stairs are open on one side.

2. Tie the bucket to one end of the rope.

Rope Pulley Alphabet Activity

A STEM alphabet activity for preschoolers!

I put the letters in a pile on the ground below the bucket and rope pulley. Then I called out a letter and Evan looked for it on the ground.

Put letters in a bucket and send them up with a rope pulley.
Learn about simple machines with a rope pulley. A fun STEM activity!

Once he found the letter, he put it in the bucket and sent it up to his Dad who was waiting at the top of the swing set. I also called out letter sounds and he found the letter.

He also enjoyed learning how to use the pulley. He thought it was really neat that he could send stuff way up high in the bucket. Pulling the rope was also a great gross motor practice.

Kids will use a rope pulley to learn letters!

He absolutely loved this. I think you can tell by the smile on his face that he had a blast. It was really effective letter learning practice as well!

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