Totally Awesome LEGO Challenge Calendar

This LEGO challenge calendar is is totally awesome because it gives kids inspiration for creative building without telling them exactly what to build! It has inspired lots of fun LEGO play in our home.

A month long LEGO challenge calendar to inspire kids with creative, open-ended building ideas!

My whole family loves playing with LEGO® and I often use it to teach my kids concepts like counting, patterning, the alphabet (yes even letters!), sight words and symmetry. It makes learning these concepts fun and hands-on. They became far more concrete and understandable.

Creative LEGO® Building Ideas

BUT we also spend lots of time creatively building all kinds of neat things – like a LEGO city that you can drive cars through and use for all kinds of pretend play.

My son is really creative with his LEGO® building, but he also likes it when I give him a bit of inspiration to serve as a jumping-off point for his builds. That’s where the idea for this LEGO® challenge calendar came about.

I knew he would enjoy being able to go to the calendar each day and get a fun LEGO® challenge idea for that day. I made the calendar so that you can start it at any day of the month and just circle back to the top of it. Your kids could even just randomly pick a number on the calendar each day and cross it off when their done. When all of the challenges are complete, they can start over again!

Because the challenges are very open-ended they can easily build something new each time they get to that day on the calendar. This is an excellent way to keep kids busy during summer break!

The LEGO® challenges are things like “Make something tall” or “Make something inspired by your favorite book.” As you can see they allow for lots of creativity!

LEGO prompts for kids that will inspire them to get creative and build awesome LEGO creations!

Using the LEGO challenge calendar

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After you print the calendar, just hang it up or put it somewhere where you will remember it. Then challenge your kids to be as creative as they can with the calendar.

If you are a classroom teacher, this would be a great center activity or something that kids could work on after they are done with their work. Perhaps, it could even be a fun homework assignment. The kids could pick a challenge on the sheet, build it and then take a pic to show that they did it.

My son is really inspired by it and I hope the kids in your life will be too!

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Do you have a creative way to use the calendar with your children? I would love it if you shared your ideas in the comments!

Fun LEGO challenge ideas that will inspire kids to make create unique LEGO creations!

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