7 Apps for Kids Learning to Read that are Actually Free!

These apps for kids learning to read are actually free. That’s right! Parents and educators can now find quality apps that help teach kids to read for free!

Apps for kids who are learning to read that are actually free. If you are teaching your child to read, you should check these out!

I love to use educational apps with my kids. They are a great way to supplement hands-on activities and play based learning opportunities.

They are especially useful when we have long waits at restaurants or appointments. I also include them in our homeschool lesson plans. My son loves the change of pace and actually learns a lot when using the apps.

Sometimes, the cost of apps can add up though. That’s why I am so happy about Amazon Underground!

You can now get access to premium apps & games that provide fun, education, and convenience. The Amazon Underground catalog of 100% free apps & games is part of the Amazon Appstore and gives you access to awesome content that you would normally have to pay for in “other” App and Play Store’s, but now at zero cost.

Amazon Underground actually free apps for kids.

When I heard about this I was tiny bit skeptical about what apps would be available and if they would be full of ads, but I can assure you that there are some fantastic, quality apps and they are actually free. No ads or constant prompts for paid upgrades.

You should definitely head over to the Amazon Appstore and check the Amazon Underground catalog for lots of fun, educational games and interactive books for young kids, but I also did a bit of the legwork for you and searched through TONS of apps to find you the 10 best apps for kids learning to read.

Apps that help kids learn to read! Fun and engaging apps for the classroom or homeschool!

Apps for Kids Learning to Read

Super Why: ABC Adventures

This is a great place to start with kids who are just learning letters and letter sounds. It’s also a great review for kids who know most letter sounds, but need some extra practice.

Kids ABC Letters

This is another great game for kids who are learning to identify letters and letter sounds. The games are really engaging!

Kids ABC Phonics

This app is jam-packed with games for kids who are learning to read! From letters to beginning sounds to words and rhyming and ending sounds, this app has it all.

Kids Learn to Read

This app has a bunch of activities that kids will find engaging and fun. Kids will work on blending sounds together and doing various word work activities.

Kids Sight Words

My son loves these sight word games! They make learning sight words so much fun.

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

This game has both literacy and math lessons, but the literacy lessons are so good that I had to include it. Plus, it can be used with kids 3-5 and each game is leveled by age. Both of my kids use this one!

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games Extra

This app includes a few extra games to build up on the app above.

To find the apps, just search the names above on Amazon Underground. 


My son loved all of these! They provided him with lots of extra practice and he really enjoyed it too. That’s a win-win!

Totally Free Educational Apps for Kids

There are so many more fantastic educational apps available on Amazon Underground! I am looking forward to trying some of the alphabet and preschool learning games with my 3 year old too. I’ve already installed a bunch on my phone.

Leave a comment letting me know about any awesome apps you found. I am always looking for more!

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